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Real Food for Rookies

September 5, 2010

Learn how changing what you eat can change everything. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy in my life looking for answers to the simple question: What’s the right way to eat? If you want to save time, check out the latest Real Food cooking class, brought to you by

My friend Kelly’s new venture, Real Food for Rookies, is a 12-week online class starting Thursday, Sept. 16, that will rock your world if you’re new to what we call “Real Food.” Don’t be nervous, it’s not a cult, and I guarantee you don’t have to live on sprouts and blue-green algae. It’s called Real Food for a reason. (Hint: Kelly likes to eat as much as I do!) Check out her introductory video at the link: Are You Ready to Learn the Truth About Real Food?

The topics include 1. Reading labels to avoid the junk; 2. Choosing which fats and oils to use in your kitchen; 3. Choosing which sweeteners to use and batch baking tips; 4. Choosing the right meats; 5. Choosing the right produce; 6. Choosing the right dairy; 7. Healthful breakfast ideas; 8. Healthful lunches and snakcks; 9. Healthful dinners and fast-food alternatives, plus two classes on superfoods and last, 12. Beyond Real Food. Each class supplies written materials plus audios and videos featuring the likes of Weston A. Price Foundation President Sally Fallon Morell, soy expert Kaayla Daniel, PhD., and fat documentarian (and very smart comedian) Tom Naughton (don’t miss his terrific Fathead movie, the easiest and funnest way to make sense of conflicting advice about fat and cholesterol).

Bonus: Thanks to discounts offered by Kelly’s sponsors, you’ll be able to recap more than half of the enrollment fee! Plus you’ll get lifetime access to the materials, downloadable audios (listen on your iPod), members-only discussion forums, and a copy of Kelly’s Kitchen Kop Real Food Ingredient Guide.

I became acquainted with Kelly after stumbling on her wonderful website in the summer of 2009, a very bleak period for me when I was out of work and my whole world was in upheaval (I’ll write about that another time). Perhaps to keep from thinking about all my other troubles, I started spending more time online, signing up for and exploring Facebook and a number of food-related blogs. During that period I found Kelly the Kitchen Kop and CHEESESLAVE and the beautiful and luscious Nourished Kitchen, and of course it turned out that the authors were friends, having found each other in the early months of the Real Food blog movement. I’ve since become acquainted (online and by phone) with all three blog authors, Kelly and Ann Marie and Jennifer, and was privileged to interview them for a little feature I wrote for Mothers Day, Mothers of the Real Food Blogosphere, which appeared on AOL’s, where I was working as an editor.

I subscribed to Jenny’s beautiful and delicious cooking card series, and then her online cooking class, then recently I won a free subscription to CHEESSLAVE’s Surf & Turf cooking class, and now Kelly is about to start her class. They all subscribe to the same basic nutrition and cooking principles, which I share: eating the traditional nutrient-dense foods revered by our ancestors is the best way to mental and physical health (and planetary health, I might add), and not processed modern fake foods produced in a lab for profit. I have nothing against profit—we all need to make a living, and I don’t begrudge anyone an honest living—but I personally don’t think that alone is the best motivation for the best results. The profit motive combined with a higher purpose—in this case, sharing wisdom about traditional dietary practices that promote health—produces a better outcome for all, in my opinion.

You can pay in four payments of $35 each or save by making a one-time payment of $120. Enrollment is just until Wednesday, Sept. 15, so don’t delay. I’ve really enjoyed the online classes I’ve taken so far (though admit I’m behind, but that’s okay since I can access the classes whenever I’m ready!) with Jenny and AnnMarie, and I know Kelly’s will be equally terrific, yet with her own twist. She is known for her down-to-earth, warm, friendly manner as well as meticulous research on health and nutrition topics. With Kelly the Kitchen Kop, common sense rules. I was privileged to do a couple of guest posts on her site over the past year, from my Food Inc. movie review to notes on Juicing for the Adventurous, and I blogged here about the GAPS and SCD diets as a follow-up to that.

Please let me know what y ou think, and especially if you sign up for the class. See you online!

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