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Dog Love

December 27, 2011

Zimmy airing out his ears.

Who doesn’t love the goofiness of dogs? Zimmy is gorgeous, but he’s also a goofball, and completely unaware of it, making it all the more endearing.

Dogs are on my mind after I discovered a lovely dog-related blog today, called Doggerel, A Year of Learning About Dogs. The author posted a lovely passage from the memoir Dog Years, by poet Mark Doty. It captures something of why we love dogs so much:

Being human is most likely a much lonelier endeavor than being a dog. Of course, many dogs spend a great deal of their time in solitude, waiting for someone to come home, for the world to begin again–but they live in a state of connectedness, it seems, that we have lost, if indeed we ever possessed it. Is that why we turn to them, they who are always ready to receive, to join in wholeheartedly, as we so often cannot? To be human is to be a watcher; sometimes even at our moments of great joy or great grief there is a part of us conscious of our being, observing that being. I do not think dogs have such a part; they are all right here, involved in whatever it is, and therefore they are a sort of cure for our great, abiding loneliness. A temporary cure, but a real one.

The blog has lovely dog photos, lots of interesting -looking dog links, and minimal commentary.

Dogs are cozy.

Dogs are cudddly.

They're inquisitive,




And relaxed.


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