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Raised Garden Beds: Hugelkultur Instead of Irrigation

January 13, 2012

Hugelkultur starts like this...

This looks so cool: raised garden beds: hugelkultur instead of irrigation.

For some reason, people around here love to rake up their twigs and branches and whatnot into a big pile and burn it! They just burn it outdoors in a huge pile, in county-permitted burn days. Say, what? I mean, it’s one thing if you’re at least burning it in your wood-burning stove and getting the heat value from it.

And of course, there’s the occasional doofus who burns his plastic trash instead of hauling it to the dump.

We have a pile of branches in our front field that we just leave there for wildlife habitat. And I use it as a hay feeding station for the goats, which I am in fact moving to that very pasture tomorrow. I may haul some of the wood to the garden and start my very own Hugelkultur, or, maybe I’ll wait until David gets home so I can consult with him on the location.

Anything that promises to build the soil, replace irrigation, sequester carbon and make gardening easier… I’m there!

...and grows like this.


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