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Is Dairy Paleo? From

January 17, 2012, otherwise known as Catherine Shanahan, M.D., author of Deep Nutrition, discusses pro-dairy and anti-dairy arguments within the Paleo community in the linked post. In my short four days of Paleo thus far, my skin was clearing up until today, when I ran out of time for a proper breakfast and made a protein shake with whey protein, coconut milk, cream, and frozen strawberries.

English: Three yolks from two chicken eggs; on...

Oh, and fresh egg yolks, of course.

By evening, when I had a chance to look in the mirror, I noticed that the red marks on my face had increased again, after diminishing over the past few dairy-free days. Was it the whey? Casein is supposed to be the “bad” dairy protein, not whey, but some say the protein is “denatured” when it is dried, and the cholesterol is. Was it the cream? Was it that both are to some extent processed foods? I’m not sure. After doing a month or so without dairy, legumes, or grains (or added sugars), my intention was and still is to try adding back raw dairy (or fermented raw dairy) to see whether I reacted to it. So, I still don’t know for sure whether I’ll be able to have raw dairy eventually, but either the whey or the cream seems to be causing inflammation.

So, tomorrow’s breakfast will be bacon and eggs. Is bacon paleo? Heck, yeah.

Here’s the excerpt from Dr. Cate’s post and a link to the original. It’s not long.

This is not milk.

If you’ve been eyeing the Paleo diet as a way to lose weight, but don’t want to bid goodbye to butter and cheese, I’ve got good news for you.

One thing I love about the Paleo movement is a willingness to challenge the status quo. A few decades ago, people of Paleo were universally against dairy. Today, the attitude towards dairy is undergoing a transformation. Still, the official word on dairy is a luke-warm maybe rather than the resounding yes I think it deserves to be. I believe many of us can add dairy into our diet not just for good health, but also to more accurately reproduce a true Paleolithic era diet.

You can get a sense of the arguments both for and against dairy by reading informative and entertaining posts written by a couple of prominent Paleo figures, Mark Sisson and Chris Kresser.

Here’s my summary of the pertinent pro-dairy and anti-dairy arguments:

For the rest see:  Is dairy paleo? Revising history with new persectives on flocks of goats, femur bones and feckless nutritionism |


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