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CHEESESLAVE’s Kettlebell Challenge: Welcome to Day 1

January 22, 2012

Hooray! It’s Day 1 of the Kettlebell Challenge! I’m so excited that so many of you have decided to join me.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here to visit the Kettlebell Challenge page and learn all about it.

From Kettlebell Challenge: Welcome to Day 1 | CHEESESLAVE.

Kettlebells really are a fun workout, and very effective. You can do it with a DVD or without, out on your deck with a view, or inside where it’s warm. Muscles are sexy! Everyone who signs up referred by me, let me know, you’ll earn me 25 more points in the kettlebell challenge! It costs you nothing to sign up, except, of course, the cost of a kettlebell.

You can buy used ones, like I did, at Play It Again Sports in Santa Rosa, CA. I’m not sure where else they are, but there must be other sources of used kettlebells. sells kettlebells, and some are even eligible for free shipping via Amazon Prime. WalMart has them in store and online, and most sporting goods stores should have them now. Women should generally start with 15-15 pounders, men with 20-25 pounders, for traditional kettlebell moves. I bought 3 different weights on a rare trip down to Sonoma County, because I figured that eventually, between me and David, we’d use all the weights.

However, if you used a DVD packaged with kettlebells, like, say, Kathy Smith’s Kettlebell Solution, the workout may be designed for use with lighter weights. Smith’s workout uses 3-pound and 5-pound kettlebells. (You can get the DVD separately, too, if you already have the appropriate kettlebells or can easily buy them at a store near you.) It’s still a good workout, but is more aerobics-y than a hardcore, basic kettlebell workout that emphasizes fundamental moves like one- and two-handed swings, clean and press, etc. Oh yeah, I’m down with the jargon.

The point is, don’t be afraid of weight, but the workout you follow will partially determine which weight you should start with. I use an 18-pounder for the basic two-handed swing (written about in Tim Ferris’s Four-Hour Body, which introduced many people to kettlebell workouts), but I don’t yet have the hand and wrist strength to use that weight for a clean and press, etc. So I’m using both Kathy Smith and her light weights and my 18-pounder and basic moves to work up to the tough stuff. I also have the Kettlebell Drills with Paul Katami DVD, which has basic moves, excellent instruction, and is way difficult for me right now!

Unfortunately, I caught a cold this weekend (started on Friday afternoon!), and since I worked out yesterday I’m thinking I shouldn’t do it today, I need to rest. I’ll be back to it tomorrow.

Go with traditional cast-iron weights, a tried-and-true design, though coated ones or those with rubber footing are nice so you don’t ding your floor. I don’t read good things about ones with sand or cement, they seem to leak. Make sure no dogs or kids or glass tables are nearby when you start swinging.

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