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Keukenhof Gardens: The Place to Be in Springtime

March 12, 2012


One of my favorite memories is my trip to the Netherlands way back before I went to graduate school. So that must have been… let’s see… about 1988? Goodness gracious. Anyway, one of my favorite outings was to Keukenhof, the flower capital of the world (I just named it so), in the town of Lisse. It’s a lovely park planted with millions of flowering bulbs in enormous beds flanked by sweeping green lawns and scattered trees. It is just breathtaking. And I didn’t even see it at the peak.

A blogger I follow, Malou Prestado, a Filipina who is married to a Dutchman, takes wonderful photos of her adopted country. Here are her Keukenhof photos, taken right at the peak of tulip season.


Holland’s spring garden in April 2011 « Going Dutch.

Meanwhile, I’ve been tending chickens, and chicks (seven chicks!), and goats, and working two jobs, so not much blogging. I think about it a lot, and I will be back. Enjoy the show!


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