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National Heirloom Exhibition

September 12, 2012

Mass of squash at the National Heirloom Exhibition

Whew! We just spent a very full day at the 2nd Annual National Heirloom Exhibition in Santa Rosa, California, and wished we could spend the full three days. If there’s any way you can get there, go! There’s so much to do and see, it’s rather overwhelming, but in a good way. It’s not just beautiful, but educational and inspiring. It was also a great chance to do some networking. We ran into the owner of our favorite natural foods co-op back in Mendocino, and she learned we had eggs to sell, so I now have a retail outlet for my eggs. Yay! And that was the least of it.

We’re planning for the full 3 days next  year, Gaia willing. Meanwhile, here are a few of my (less blurry) snapshots to whet your appetite.

vendor hall, thanks to Mother Earth News

Lots of wonderful garden displays by vendors filled the main hall, and outdoor exhibition space as well. My apologies for blurry photos; clearly I need to upgrade my camera as I can’t tell when it’s in focus. Or maybe I need to wear my glasses.

California native plants

I loved the native plant displays. Lots of plants for sale, no money!

Indoors, there were also lovely plants: lots of seedlings and more. Love the zinnias!

Franchi organic Italian heirloom seeds

It was wonderful to see how many seed companies, seed banks, and seed saver organizations (seed libraries!) were represented. Thank goodness Monsanto hasn’t got ahold of all of them yet.

Botanical Art

I was very inspired by the “botanical art” displays, which abounded at the exhibition, whether in the vendor hall, the produce exhibition hall, or outdoors.

  1. Beautiful!! Heirloom anything is awesome to me! I need to get some more too as I need some space to fill now that a fence is placed around the yard. I want to make a secret garden full of flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees/bushes, and at least almonds and hazelnut trees. I don’t know if the yard is big enough to accommodate anything bigger. One of the trees I am growing is the Paw Paw trees. These are of great interest to me. I live in Kentucky so any suggestions and helpful hints will be great! I will be monitoring this comment. 😀

    • Hi Jeannie! I have heard of Paw Paw trees but I don’t know what they look like. Probably the best source of advice would be a local garden club or Master Gardener. Thanks for stopping by!

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